Dream Team

Dream Team is our code language for the teams that make Harvest as great as it is! Joining the Dream Team is one of the best ways to get involved at Harvest. Whether it’s serving with teenagers or hosting in Harvest Online, we’ll help you find the perfect team so you can start serving where your heart can flourish.

We Say


At Harvest, we deeply want to say yes to every opportunity God presents us. It's the kind of thing that we want to be known for, that we would say yes far more than we would say no. Our yes would be in response to the immense generosity God has given us, that we would in turn be generous as well. Every time God presents us with an opportunity, we would say yes; to the generosity of God, the calling of God, the activity of God - all of it. Dream Team is an extention of that; that Harvest would say yes to being the hands and feet of what God is trying to accomplish through the ministries and in our city.

When you're ready, complete the dream team application by clicking the button below. That will let us know where you feel ready to say yes to and your team lead will reach out! We are so excited for you to be a part!

We use Planning Center to schedule, prep, and communicate with our teams, keeping you as prepared as possible. You'll get notifications when scheduled, find resources and plans for your specific role, and more! Download the app now by clicking the link below.

Have more questions? Feel free to reach out! [email protected]