Get to Know Your Worship Leaders: Josiah & Eleonore Armstrong

Posted on October 11, 2018 by Justin Serrano

As one might imagine, it is a tremendous responsibility to lead God’s people in worship. But we couldn’t have asked God to put us in the hands of more capable worship leaders. It’s easy to see that Josiah and Eleonore are not putting on a performance, but as they lead us in worship, they too are worshiping the Creator of the universe.

Considering that they both have been musicians in some capacity almost their entire lives, it’s no wonder it comes so natural. In the following interview, I asked Josiah and Eleonore a series of questions to help the people of Harvest get to know them a little better and I hope you’re just as delighted as I was to hear their heart for worship.


Where did you meet?

Josiah: Eleonore and I met at Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU), in Waxahachie, TX. The same university where Jason and Lisa met. We were serving at a church called The Oaks Fellowship, where we both led worship. Before moving to Albuquerque, we lived in two different states for seven months. While I was finishing school, Eleonore was living in Denver helping a church called Discover Church.


What brought you to Albuquerque?

Josiah: I actually grew up here, but that wasn’t the reason. We prayed for the Lord to direct us on where we should go and he put a couple of things on our heart. First, some of my friends and family members who live here in Albuquerque. We felt that we needed to move here to be more involved in their lives and be able to love them better.
Second, the life God has called us to — and I would say called all of us to — is to be about people because the Greatest Commandment is to love God and love people (Matthew 22:36-40). I wrote about this in my blog post, A Letter to People.


What’s your vision for worship at Harvest?

Josiah: Our vision falls into two categories:

  1. Our volunteers – We want to train up worship leaders with the mindset of a worship pastor. We want to cultivate an atmosphere where every person on the team is in a pastoral role both on stage and off stage. There is no difference between us and our team, we are all capable worship leaders who are given a gift to worship God and we are excited to see that in our team.
  2. Worship in the whole church – We want to see miracles happen and lives changed. We believe that worship is an opportunity to invite the Holy Spirit into our situations and into our hearts and allow him to change things. Our vision for Harvest is to see people walking confidently in the calling God has put on their lives and the gifts that he has given them. We believe this starts by cultivating true and meaningful worship opportunities.


What is your favorite thing about leading worship?

Josiah: The unity and heart change that comes from singing truth and lifting God up is so amazing to be a part of. We love to see how God communicates his love to people as they lift him up. We also get to stand in the gap for the hearts of those who are searching for truth and belonging.


What does worship mean to you?

Josiah: Putting God first in everything we do and are. Not just in music and singing, but how we treat people at work, how we trust God in difficulty and everything he has blessed us with.


How did you get started on a path of music and worship?

Eleonore: I have been singing basically from birth. I was in my first children’s Christmas musical at my church around the age of five and took my first piano lesson around that same time.

Josiah: I’ve loved making music ever since I bought my first drum set and had my first music lesson from my grandma at age 10.


What inspires you?

Josiah: We love connecting with people through music. Loving people and giving them a place to belong is a big reason why we do what we do. We are very inspired by other people’s dreams and love to help people make their dreams come true.

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What do you do to improve?

Josiah: Spend personal time with the Lord, it starts with our relationship with him. He gives us the right heart, creativity and strength to improve. After that, practice makes perfect.


What is your secret talent?

Josiah: Eleonore and I are actors. Eleonore can dance and used to be a competitive roller figure-skater (like ice skating, but on roller skates). As for me, I can fence (sword fighting) and I am on IMDb.


What do you do on your down time?

Josiah: Hike in the Sandias, explore other towns and cities, watch movies, and hang with friends. Adventuring, if I had to put it in one word. Also, we were recently cast in A Christmas Carol: The Musical. We will be performing with an amazing group of actors at the Rodey Theatre at the University of New Mexico for three weeks this coming Christmas season. We are really excited!


What do you like about Harvest?

Josiah: We love that Harvest is walking the walk and not just talking the talk. We are known for serving those in our community. Harvest is a church that is part of the big “C” Church, not just what goes on in our building and that’s awesome!


What is your greatest hope or dream for Albuquerque?

Josiah: That people would know and experience the love of God anywhere they are in this city.


What is your greatest hope or dream for Harvest?

Josiah: That it would be a thriving body of believers who bring change inside and outside of our walls and across the world — that we would be the greatest example of the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16-20). We would love to be a part of unifying all the churches across New Mexico to work as one body. This is part of the reason we were so drawn to Harvest. We love this church’s passion to bring the community of believers together here in Albuquerque.


What specific thing do you want the people of Harvest to know about you?

Josiah: We love you! And we want to help you find where you belong and support you in what God is calling you to do!




Love each other. Love your church. Love your city.
Harvest, Go be the Church!


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