Our first Check-In is this Saturday! I don’t know everyone who is participating yet – that normally comes with the registration forms SO, if your teenager would like some assistance in their category, PLEASE CONTACT ME! Email, Text, Call – let me know! I’ll get them on the list. We’ll schedule on a first come first serve basis, so as I receive your students categories, I will schedule them and you can check the table and times below.

Check-Ins are NOT mandatory. If your student isn’t confident, ready, or even started prep on what they’ve planning to present, there’s no expectation for them to be present.

If your student is not doing a presenting category, they are not required to attend! In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it unless they’re really interested in just watching the performing categories. But if your teenager is submitting an art piece or writing piece, they can still submit their piece during the Check-In and we will respond in kind. So whether it’s a picture texted or emailed of their submission, we’ll have it reviewed and critic responded! Email Pastor Tyler at [email protected]

Finally, there is no expectation for students to stay the entire time. They can come, perform what they have, receive coaching, and then leave. We don’t want to take yours and your students entire Sunday night away.

If you have any other questions you can visit our Fine Arts page or email Pastor Tyler at [email protected]





6:05 I Don’t Like Sand Large Drama
6:15 Available Ability Large Drama
6:25 Lisa’s Team Children Lesson
6:35 Natalie’s Team Children Lesson
6:45 Angel Serrano Children’s Lesson Solo
6:55 Angel Serrano Short Sermon
7:05 Dezarea Maldonado Short Sermon
7:15 Dezarea Maldonado Spanish Vocal Solo

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