Share Your Story

We know God has done some amazing things in your life and we do not want the incredible things God has done to go without being told! We love hearing how God has changed and impacted your life and believe there is power in your story. The Bible actually tells us, [we overcome the enemy] because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of [our] testimony, (Revelation 12:11). Our stories of who God is and what God has done help us share hope, removes fear, gives courage, and glorifies God.

By sharing your story, we are able to come along side you and bring the hope in you to others. Your stories will be used throughout the year, and throughout ALL IN, to help encourage others to be ALL IN for Harvest, our community, and our city.

We will be filming your stories on camera, so you’ll have them and we can share in them!


So now that you’re ready to share your story, here’s what you do:

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  1. Write your story down somewhere it’s safe! The first part is knowing your story, but more than just knowing it, having it in a medium where it’s easy to share and others could have access to it. Your story is so powerful and we deeply believe people should hear it.
  2. Schedule a time that works for you! We’ve got options to film both in a space specifically designed for filming in that looks amazing, or we can come to you! If you’d feel more comfortable in your home, there are a few spaces available where we can come and setup in your home!
  3. Get dressed up! Not necessarily suits and dresses, but maybe a normal Harvest Sunday dress.


Filming at Harvest is available Wednesday and Thursday from 3PM to 7PM.
Filming in your home is available Thursday from 7PM to 8PM.