New Mexico Prays

Harvest is partnering with New Mexico Prays and other churches to cover our state in prayer for all of 2017—365 days, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. The vision is to mobilize churches all over New Mexico to unite in 24/7 prayer to see God revive the Church and transform our state. Harvest has committed to pray continually for 12 hours every 30th of the month from 12PM to 12AM.  Our prayer focus is on issues affecting our state, but with an emphasis on 8 main areas:

  1. For the lost to be saved
  2. For unity among pastors and churches
  3. For God to heal our land of abortion
  4. For deliverance from a spirit of violence
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  6. For freedom from substance abuse
  7. For transformation in our economy and education
  8. For God to break the spirit of witchcraft
  9. For racial reconciliation