Pro-Love for the Sanctity of Life

When we look at our calendars packed with birthday parties, holiday gatherings and lunch meetings, it seems like just about every day of the year we have something to celebrate, but this Sunday is truly special. It is Sanctity of Life Sunday! When it comes to life, there is so much to celebrate because life…

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New Year, New Me

I am passionate about health and fitness. It is my desire to help others have a healthy body and I do that through my website by posting fitness articles and healthy recipes. Personally, I know that when my body is healthy, I feel good and enjoy life. The New Year is a time when people…

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Rejoice in Confident Hope That He is For You

It finally started warming up after that huge snowstorm. That day, I grabbed a light jacket and headed out the door. As I got home and went to put my jacket on a hanger, I realized something: This jacket said “Kari Jobe” on it. I had never realized this before. You’re probably thinking, “Shyanne, how…

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Harvest, Go Forth and Bear Fruit That Will Last

As Jason said, “We need a church that will produce lasting fruit; fruit that will really make a difference, fruit that will change lives. … The only way to produce lasting fruit is to stay connected to the vine.”

Make it a Habit to Hide God’s Word in Your Heart in 2019

Plenty of us have heard the saying that it takes 21 days to form a new habit. After a very brief amount of internet research, I stumbled across an article on a psychology website that says some habits may be formed in 21 days, if the habit is simple and the person is naturally predisposed…

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More Celebrations, Less Resolutions

Ah, December 31. That day we pause to reflect on the past year and decide we’re ready to make some changes. There’s something about knowing that tomorrow, the proverbial slate will be wiped clean and with it comes a fresh hope that maybe, just maybe, those changes will stick this time. Perhaps you reached that…

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God Can Do Anything, You Know?

2018 was such a great year for Harvest. The impact of our outreach was astonishing. We loved on people and people loved on us, and together as a church family we loved on God. It was beautiful. Probably the closest image to what heaven would be like. All because of the annual theme verse God…

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Love Your Lonely Neighbor this Christmas

Christmas is here and the holiday season is upon us! To most of us, this time of the year represents fellowship with friends and family, but for others it is the loneliest season of all. Personally, I have been on both sides of the spectrum and the seasons of loneliness have been traumatizing. I remember…

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