Stormy First Drafts: The Lies We Tell Ourselves

The pandemic COVID-19 has swept across our nation and left people in fear over so many areas of their lives—finances, family, schooling, childcare, and even toilet paper. We can laugh about the crazy situations that are occurring, but deep down many of us are truly fearful of the uncertain future. Our natural tendencies are to…

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Fear… a small word…. but one that elicits the biggest feelings or emotions. I remember as a child I was afraid of the dark. I remember several instances growing up when I would stay up, after everyone else had gone to bed. Mostly I would stay in the comfort of my room with the lights on…

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Easy Ways to Stay Connected All Summer

Ah, summer. A break for some, a whole new level of chaos for others. A time for fun, family, vacations, and enjoying the outdoors. It’s also a time when church involvement and attendance can slip and take a backseat. Not that our relationships with the Lord are dependent on church attendance, but it can be…

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Memorial Day is for Remembering

Memorial Day: the season of wedding anniversaries, graduations, and also of remembering. Memorial Day has always been the unofficial start of summer. It is the time when pools open and we can find relief from the stifling heat. It is a day for gathering with family and friends and enjoying some good food and time…

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Seeing Ourselves in God’s Eyes

God does not look at us and say pass or fail. He does not look at me and say, “Oh, you made the dean’s list, so you pass.” He doesn’t look at Pastor Jason and say, “Oh, you told too many fishing stories in your last sermon: fail.” Let me rephrase that first sentence; God…

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You Are Not Invisible

Let’s take a moment to celebrate that motherhood has little to do with biology and everything to do with heart. That it’s a labor of love in far more ways than one.
It’s a blessing.
YOU are a blessing.
And you are not invisible.

Serve 505: Giving a Hand Up to Families in Need

Serve 505 is one of many outreach ministries of Harvest started by Alan Gray several years ago. Alan had a vision to serve our community by meeting the practical needs of our neighbors through a monthly food pantry. When Alan was called to serve elsewhere, however, he passed the baton to Anthony Gutierrez, who has…

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