Pastor Jason

Get to Know Your Lead Pastor: Jason Dickenson

Jason Dickenson is the lead pastor of Harvest Church in Taylor Ranch. Pastor Jason and his wife Lisa took over Harvest in August of 2013 when they returned to Albuquerque from Waxahachie, Texas. Since then, Jason and Lisa have turned the church around with their leadership and vision for Harvest. They have created an environment…

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Easy Ways to Stay Intentional with God

For those of you who don’t know, this is the time of year college students are living on coffee and scrambling for due dates. The end of the semester is easily the most stressful time of a college student’s year. And maybe I’m only speaking for myself, but I feel as if the spring semester…

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Harvest, Go Forth and Bear Fruit That Will Last

As Jason said, “We need a church that will produce lasting fruit; fruit that will really make a difference, fruit that will change lives. … The only way to produce lasting fruit is to stay connected to the vine.”

Pastor Appreciation: An Opportunity to Show Our Love

What do you appreciate most about your pastors? I know, just reading that question probably gave you a small headache. It gave a lot of people within the Harvest congregation a headache too. Not because we don’t appreciate our pastors, but because there is so much to appreciate, how are we supposed to narrow it…

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