Authentic Warriors Men’s Conference 2020

Posted on March 3, 2020 by Justin Serrano

February 28 and February 29 of 2020 were both big nights for Christian men all around New Mexico because that is when the yearly Authentic Warriors Men’s Conference took place.

A group of pastors from around New Mexico (including our very own Pastor Jason Dickenson) shared seven minute sermons, teaching about what authenticity in a man of God really is. This message was spread out in the various topics, from how to treat your wife to how to view work, and even into the way to deal with mental illness as a man of God. All of these topics had a huge impact on men who have been Christians for a while and on those who have recently let Jesus into their hearts.

The main speaker was Doug Garasic, who pastors Rust City Church in Youngstown, Ohio. He delivered a word from God that kept men smiling from appreciation as well as humor. We also experienced an awareness of  the presence of God, which was heavily felt while Doug was passionately speaking about what it truly means to be an authentic warrior. After all, this is how we as men have been called by God to live.

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This men’s conference has God’s fingerprints all over it, and next year will only get better. I encourage men reading this to look forward to attending the Authentic Warriors Men’s Conference in 2021. God will be there, will you?