Orlando19: Equipping Students for Ministry at the National Fine Arts Festival

Posted on March 7, 2019 by Justin Serrano

God is amazing and I think we can all agree with that. He is sovereign, He is loving and He is a better Father than we could ever ask for. Something to add to this impeccable resumé is that He is the most Creative Being who has ever existed! He created everything from the biggest supernova to the smallest bacteria. That’s why I think it is beautiful when we, as a human race, use our creativity to praise Him. It’s even more beautiful when those praising Him with their creativity are the youth around the world.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. —Psalm 19:1

One instance of this is the annual Assemblies of God Fine Arts Festival. This two day event taking place in Orlando, Florida this summer, is designed to equip youth to use their talents for ministry and the glorification of God. Or as the FAF team explains, “Fine Arts Festival is a discipleship tool of Assemblies of God Youth Ministries designed to help students discover, develop and deploy their ministry gifts.” Categories include singing, dancing, preaching, writing, painting and so much more.

The Fine Arts Festival is great because it is not meant to be a competition, but a celebration—a celebration of the Creative Being who built our talents and passions from nothing. As someone who has done fine arts for a while I have witnessed youth pour their hearts out and empty all their strength from their very soul to let God make them stronger. It’s gorgeous. As I am maturing into an adult, I see how passionate the youth are about this. They set time apart from their extracurricular activities to pray and practice.

With that in mind, I would like for us all to make some time to pray and practice what we love and do it for the King of Kings. Let’s be as passionate about life as the youth are about God and their talents.


Parents, if you would like your teen to further develop their creative talent for the work of the ministry and the Glory of God, watch this message from Darin Poe for more information about the Fine Arts Festival.

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