Finding Connection in Life Groups

Posted on March 28, 2019 by Justin Serrano

Whether the church calls them small groups, cell groups, life groups, or one of a vast array of other trendy terms, the heart is the same: connection. Here at Harvest, we’re about to kick off another great semester of Life Groups!

Did you know attending a smaller group that meets outside of regular service times comes with several key benefits? Check them out:

  1. Small groups make church personal. It’s all too easy to slip in and out of service with little more than thirty seconds of human interaction. Sure, we’re glad you’re here, but we’d rather know who you are. A quick mandated hello doesn’t exactly lend itself to making anyone feel welcome or seen, now does it? If connection is what you seek, it’s simpler to find in a smaller, more intimate environment.
  2. Small groups foster positive relationships. It’s much easier to love one another when you know one another. Church is a place where we should come together to worship, to learn, and to fellowship. In life groups, we can incorporate those things and take Sunday service so much deeper. We can find more opportunities to “do life” together!
  3. Small groups provide a sense of family for those separated from their biological family. Families provide us with a sense of identity. And face it, we may not always like the family we’re born into, but we love them. Your church family is much the same. Why not reap the benefits of having a family support system through church? Sure, somebody’s bound to drive you crazy. That just means you belong here.
  4. Small groups make it easy to show genuine care. Perhaps someone in the body is in need or going through a rough patch who is not going to be easily ministered to in the Sunday service. But in a small group, sharing can definitely mean caring, and it’s a whole lot easier to find out how you can best meet others’ needs (or feel more comfortable in them meeting yours).
  5. Small groups provide a safe environment for bringing visitors. Isn’t it a whole lot easier to say, “hey, come on over to my house” than, “do you want to come to church with me?” In a smaller group, you can find ample opportunities to bring newcomers and those who’ve never been to church before in a safe, comfortable environment.

There are so many more benefits from joining small groups. Now that you know why you should join a Life Group, here are this session’s options:

SUNDAYS: 5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit, 6:30 pm. A group for women to study through the book of the same name by Nicki Koriarz.

TUESDAYS: It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way, 10 am. A group for women to study through the book of the same name by Lisa Terkeurst.

THURSDAYS: Dinner & Discussion, 6:30pm. A time to get together over a potluck style meal and talk about weekly topics.

THURSDAYS: Breakthrough, 6:30 pm. A group that expounds on the Sunday teaching in this series.

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THURSDAYS: Ladies’ Bible Study, 7 pm. A study through the book of Ephesians.

THURSDAYS: Harvest Youth, 6 pm. For teens 6th-12th grade that goes beyond youth teachings on Sundays.

THURSDAYS: Harvest Kids, 6:30 pm. For kids 6 weeks through 5th grade to learn more about Jesus (way beyond mere childcare!).

SATURDAYS: Freedom Men’s Group, 9am. A group for men to discuss and learn about spiritual freedom.


For more specific information on Harvest Life Groups, please pick up a menu on Sunday during service at the welcome center or email [email protected]. Have ideas for next session? Send those, too. Be creative! We look forward to connecting with you!



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