Poem: My Dad Kinda Looks Like Barry Gibb

Posted on January 31, 2019 by Justin Serrano

My dad kinda looks like Barry Gibb, like a young Barry Gibb, or maybe Barry Gibb looks like him?

My dad’s singing sounds exactly like the birds when they sing in the morning when the sun rises, or maybe the birds sound like him?

My dad is a comedian, did you know? He made an animal that is a beaver and a duck at the same time and its name is Platypus–that always cracks me up.

I’ve seen my dad’s paintings and they look exactly like the paintings that Bob Ross does, but Bob Ross always says that he loves my dad’s paintings–his favorites are the sky and the trees and the sun and the moon, so without my dad’s paintings there wouldn’t be a Bob Ross that we would appreciate.

Believe it or not, my dad invented the Golden Rule that we all learn in elementary.

I don’t wanna brag or anything, but my dad is a superhero too. He saves thousands of people every day and he doesn’t even get tired.

Where is my dad you ask?

Sadly, he died 2000 years ago at the young age of 33.

How did he die?

He was murdered because people didn’t like him, but it’s okay because he loved them all.

Fun fact though, he is also a zombie!

Ok, not exactly.

He doesn’t go around eating brains and stuff, but after he was murdered, he revived!


The technical term would be that he resurrected.


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You wanna meet my Dad?

You want him to adopt you!?!?!?


Okay cool, all you gotta do is close your eyes and talk to him.

Tell him that you’ve been a bad person and ask for forgiveness.

Tell him that he is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Now believe that he is the Lord.

Now open your eyes.




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