More Celebrations, Less Resolutions

Posted on December 31, 2018 by Justin Serrano

Ah, December 31. That day we pause to reflect on the past year and decide we’re ready to make some changes. There’s something about knowing that tomorrow, the proverbial slate will be wiped clean and with it comes a fresh hope that maybe, just maybe, those changes will stick this time.

Perhaps you reached that point a few days ago, full of sugar and sick of over-indulging, finally ready to acknowledge your weight or overall health needs some attention. Maybe it was the credit card bill that just arrived and you realize it’s time to get serious about your financial situation. Or maybe it was an email reminding you that there are 437 new Bible reading plans in your YouVersion app and you’d really like to be more diligent there. Whatever the issue, it’s tempting to make a resolution that starting January 1st, you’re going to get serious about doing it.

The problem with resolutions, if we’re honest, is that we break them nearly as quickly as we make them. There’s something about them that just begs to be defied. I think it’s our good ol’ sinful nature. God made the Law, knowing humanity would break it (repeatedly) and need a Savior to redeem us from those habits. We’re inclined to treat resolutions the same way we do the Law. So maybe this year, instead of repeating the fruitless and legalistic cycle of trying to save ourselves, we decide to follow our Savior more closely and live under His grace.

In drawing closer to the One who has redeemed our every failure, we’re able to truly accept our freedom from sin and live the life He has intended for us. And once we rest in the joy of that freedom He so generously gives? That’s where the fun begins, and why I’m suggesting that for 2019, let’s make fewer resolutions and focus on all those little things we otherwise take for granted. Love more, laugh more, celebrate more.

In that spirit, I’ve found a fun list I’d like to share with you. Have you ever wondered where to find those random “National <insert wacky thing> Day” calendars? Well, there’s an actual website for that! (Disclaimer: Some of the site’s ads are a bit weird. Not endorsing the site, but the lists are handy and hilarious.) Everything from National Bacon Day to National Women Road Warriors Day, you’ll find something to celebrate every day of the year.

And while I’ve got your attention, I formally challenge you to bless others in your celebrating. Share your joy, however silly or random or nonsensical. I know I’m already plotting how to make the most of February 16, National Do a Grouch a Favor Day. And who’s with me, looking forward to July 1, National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day?!

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