Believe in the God of Miracles

Posted on November 6, 2018 by Justin Serrano

As I was worshiping at Harvest several weeks ago, I was joyfully reminded of a recent miracle in my life. While the worship team lead the congregation in a song about healing, I noticed I was able to sing along without coughing, which made my heart rejoice with joy. When the music was over and I realized the message was about miracles, it was then that I knew I needed to share my healing miracle.

You see, three months ago it was not possible to sing without having a coughing fit. My asthma was out of control, as it had been since the beginning of the year. It was so bad that my husband told me more than once to see a doctor. I thought it would get better, so I put off making a doctor appointment. Around that time, Pastor Jason called people to the altar who needed healing. Accepting the challenge to believe for a miracle, I walked up to the front of the church for prayer. Pastor Jason asked others to lay their hands on those of us who needed healing and led us to pray and believe that God was going to heal us.

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us. —Ephesians 3:20-21 (MSG)

As I prayed, I gave God my heart and believed that He was going to take away this awful asthmatic cough that had made my life miserable for the last seven months. It was no wimpy prayer. No, I prayed with passion as Jason’s powerful prayer encouraged me to. He told us to believe that the Holy Spirit was in the room with us. As I left church that day, I believed that I was not going to experience another coughing attack that left me gasping for air.

Throughout the day, I still had a couple of asthmatic coughing attacks, but I still believed that my prayer was going to get answered. I believed that my asthma would get better and that I would finally get some much-needed sleep.

My cough did not go away that week, but God revealed to me that dairy foods may be the reason for my sickness. I did not like the answer God gave me, as I love cheese and pizza. Looking back, however, I realized that it was in January when I started having a nightly bedtime snack of cheese and crackers. In addition, I was also consuming a daily protein shake that was made with whey powder. I knew if I wanted to get better, I had to eliminate cheese from my diet.

Already suffering with lactose issues, I was not able to enjoy ice cream or a glass of milk without feeling nauseous. So I gave up cheese for a week and the whole week I craved pizza. When the week was over, I was still having some coughing fits so I gave in to my craving and ate several slices of pizza, thinking that dairy was not the answer to my healing. My husband called me that evening and I was not able to talk on the phone without coughing. I then did some research online about food elimination and found out that it could take 3-5 weeks before I would see results. To make sure that I did not eat any dairy products, I enlisted help from my boys. It was not easy and I still craved pizza. I went to the store to see if there was dairy-free cheese and I found four packages on clearance. I thanked God for the blessing of dairy-free cheese. I knew this was a sign from God that I needed to give dairy elimination a try.

I pressed on without cheese, promising myself that I would eat pizza when I visited my son in New York to see if dairy really was the cause of my severe asthma symptoms. Five weeks went by and I started to notice that I was not having bad coughing fits. I was sleeping better and I was able to run without hacking up a lung. My husband even noticed the change and I felt so much better now that I was getting some sleep.

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I am thankful that God answered my prayer and gave me a miracle of healing. And I am thankful for a church that believes in the power of healing. God does not always answer our prayers in the way we expect, but He answers them in His way.

Do you need a miracle? Do you need healing? Believe that God will answer your prayer when you pray. 



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